How to Install Kodi App on Android Phone – Latest Version

Kodi App for Android: In this competitive world, where everyone enjoys the latest technologies, there the software making companies are still involved with the researchers to develop something new. In this race, software named KODI was brought up on the market in October 2015; which has been specially designed in order to provide a latest and very user-friendly coded programs that will help in redesigning the interior displays of android operated technical equipment like phones, tablets, laptops or personal computers along with android TV.

Kodi is also famous by the name XBMC. It is a free and open source media player software application that can be used for both multiple operating systems along with hardware platforms, and remote controls. This software helps the enjoyer to play and watch the most popular media, involving the videos, music, podcasts directly from the internet, along with the local and network storage media. This software was primitively designed for the production of media player application that worked independently, and named as Xbox Media Center, abbreviated as XBMC.

How to Install Kodi App on Android Phone – Latest Version:

This is a native application for Android, Linux, Mac operating system, and iOS along with the Microsoft windows. This software is completely dependent on the C++ core along with Python scripts as add-on plugins. Not only this, Kodi software is available in more than 65 languages that beguile the users around the globe.

How to install Kodi App on Android Phone:

This software Kodi is available on Google play, from where it can be easily downloaded, all you have to do is the select the required version of Kodi. For an instance, the Kodi version for android TV is x86 or ARM. Talking about the up gradation of Kodi on android TVs, here are some steps that will help you understand how to install Kodi on android.

  • Enabling installation: first, scroll down and select the ‘Settings’ option, then, move to the ‘Security and Restrictions’ menu. In this option turn on the ‘Unknown sources’.
  • Downloading: Kodi App can be downloaded from the official website also, the only thing matters are the selection of proper version, onto the PCs. Then, copy the .apk downloaded version onto the USB flash drive or network sharing folder and safely eject the flash drive, to prevent the loss of data. Then, plug this USB on to the smart TV.
  • Installation: the plugged USB will open a folder and the user has to navigate to the location, where the downloaded file is saved. The user then has to click on the desired .apk file and selecting the option of ‘Install’, this will result in the copying the .apk file onto the device. Once this action is finished, the end user has to select that file, which will liberate another popup menu which will display the progress report of the installation time. After the complete installation, the user has to select the ‘Open’ the Kodi file. After this, your old and boring TV will be renovated completely.

Why Kodi?

This software helps the customer to listen all most all kind of music files including AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV, and OGC along with WMA format. It is also an excellent video player also and is capable of importing movies along with their posters, disc art, trailers, and much more that making this application demanding. Not only this, this application also entertains the user by having an option of live TV and one can also find the TV shows from its epic and vast library. Also, talking about the pictures, it lays a wide range of different views, including the slide shows, sorting, and filtering of pictures. In addition, the add-on option is a boon to the users, where one can surf popular web services, add networks, and change Kodi’s behaviors and a lot more. These specifications are growing keen interest in the users about how to install Kodi on android?

Hopefully after understanding the features and the steps to install Kodi, it should not be difficult for you to install this application on Android devices. In the case of any queries or doubts, you can leave us your queries in the comment box. You can be assured of receiving a reply from us in the minimum time.

Updated: August 18, 2016 — 11:21 am


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